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Positive Displacement (PD) Meter



  • Oscillating piston technology delivers maximum flow with minimal pressure drop.
  • Measuring chamber housing and piston measuring element built with advanced, non-hydrolyzing engineered polymer materials.
  • Establishes New Accuracy Benchmarks - New meter accuracy after 4,000,000 USG.
  • Whisper-Quiet Measurement — We shifted oscilating piston harmonics to outside the normal flow range.
  • Low Pressure Loss (VLPL) Desgin — 7-19% improved drop in pressure vs. nearest competitors.
  • 35 + Years Verified Sustained Accuracy (4,000,000 million USG) in independent tests on the 5/8” size meter by the Utah Water Research Laboratory.
  • Improved capability to pass entrained solids.
  • Twenty-year (5/15) accuracy warranty assures longer lasting revenue.

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