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Two Full Years!

We certify that every meter leaving our plant has been restored to the
original manufacturer’s specifications. It has been skillfully adjusted by trained
technicians on automatic testing equipment according to procedures
specified by the American National Standard Code for Electricity Metering
(ANSI C-12). Accuracy has been carefully calibrated to within 1%
Remanufactured Meters by Hialeah Meter Company are guaranteed
twice as long as new meters, for TWO FULL YEARS! We will repair or replace
(at our option) any meters returned to us that we find defective or inaccurate
due to our negligence. We will make no deduction or charge for the length of
time already in service.

Meters must be returned to us prepaid. If we find a defect, we will correct it
and return the meter to you at our expense. We will even credit your
account for the transportation charges you paid to return a meter
whose defect we have verified.

If we find the meter you returned is not defective, we may make a nominal
service charge for testing and handling, plus the return transportation


We regret that we cannot guarantee against things over which we have no
control, such as damage by installation error, water, fire, lightning, overload,
angry consumers, riots, etc. In addition, we will not be responsible for
consequential losses that may result due to meter malfunctions, whatever
their cause.

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