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Meter not running right?

Guide for meters used with instrument transformers

The problem is:   Try this:
No reading
  • Check Current Transformer (CT) short circuiting devices. They may be open.
  • Be sure the meter is getting voltage.
  • Verify correct polarity on all CT's.
  • Verify at least 5% rated current on CT's.
Low reading
  • Look for 1 or more CT closed short circuiting device.
  • Verify correct polarity on all CT's.
  • Be sure voltage and current to each stator is from the same phase.
  • Check register reading. Both last and present.
Present reading lower than last
  • Look for reversed polarity on CT's or PT's.
  • If disk rotation is OK, verify register readings. Maybe usage has not yet caught up with last month's too high reading.


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