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What is a refurbished meter?

Throughout the year Electric Utility companies in the United States are taking single/polyphase electric meters out of service. These utility companies are Investor Owned, Municipal, and Rural Cooperatives (Coops) that keep our lights on and the energy(kWh) flowing.  As they improve the technology and service to their customers, Hialeah Meter is able to receive and recycle(refurbish)* the older meters.

Every meter leaving Hialeah Meter has been restored to the original manufacturer’s specifications. It has been skillfully adjusted by trained technicians on automatic testing equipment according to procedures specified by the American National Standard Code for Electricity Metering (ANSI).  Accuracy has been carefully calibrated to within 1% and offers outstanding value backed by our meter guaranteed twice as long as new meters, for TWO FULL YEARS! 

*Please note that while the refurbished meters pictured accurately represent our products, the meter you receive may differ in brand due to variations in available inventory. We strive to provide the highest quality refurbishedd meters, and any differences will not compromise functionality or performance.

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