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Established in 1981, E-Mon is the industry leader in solid-state electronic kilowatt-hour submeters, automatic meter reading software and other energy management products and services. Over 500,000 E-Mon products are installed worldwide for tenant billing, cost allocation, demand side management, energy conservation and load profiling across the spectrum of commercial, industrial, institutional, governmental and multi-family residential facilities. E-Mon was acquired in 2010 by Honeywell Environmental and Combustion Controls (ECC), which operates under Honeywell’s Automation and Controls Solutions business group. E-Mon continues as an active member of the Alliance to Save Energy, Association of Energy Engineers, U.S. Green Building Council and other organizations.

Flexible metering solutions ideal for new or retrofit installations. Monitor anything from a single phase circuit to an entire building depending on your application requirements.The Contractor’s Choice For Metering for 25+ years. Quick and easy installation using E-Mon’s patented 0-2 Volt output split-core current sensors.

Ideal for commercial, multi-family, industrial, educational, institutional and governmental facilities. E-Mon has a solution to meet your metering and energy initiatives.

Leading the metering industry with on-staff engineering and technical support staff.

Green Class Meter Features

  • Direct-read 8-digit LCD display without multiplier displays cumulative kWh and “real time” kW load.
  • User entered cost per kWh provides to-date energy cost and projected hourly cost based on metered load.
  • Available in MMU (Multiple Meter Unit) enclosures containing up to 24 meters in one compact enclosure.
  • Patented 0-2 volt output split-core current sensors promote enhanced safety and accurate remote mounting of current sensors up to 2,000 feet from the meter without power interruption. (Optional solid-core current sensors available in 100 & 200 Amp only.)
  • Onboard installation diagnostics & verification system.
  • Parallel up to three (3) sets of current sensors for cumulative reading.
  • Meter can be used in the following configurations:
    • 0000- 3-Phase, 4 Wire
    • 0000- 3-Phase, 3 Wire
    • 0000- 2-Phase, 3 Wire
    • 0000 For other configurations contact factory.
  • Fixed pulse output.
  • Green Industrial grade JIC steel enclosure (standard) with padlocking hasp and mounting flanges (Dim. 6 3/4″ H x 5 3/16″ W x 3 1/4″ D) for indoor installations with 1 1/16″ Knockout (3/4″ conduit) on bottom of enclosure.
  • Optional gray NEMA 4X polycarbonate enclosure with padlocking hasp & mounting flanges for indoor/outdoor installation (stand alone) with one 1 1/16″ KO on bottom of enclosure.
  • Non-volatile memory.
  • UL/CUL Listed.
  • Revenue Grade Accuracy. Certified by independent test lab to ANSI C12.20 national accuracy standards. (+/-0.2% from 1% to 100% of rated load.)
  • New York City approved, Con Edison approved for RSP program.

Green Class Meter Features

120/208-240V, 3 Phase, 4 Wire
240V, 3 Phase, 3 Wire

E20-208100-J-G-KIT (100 Amp)
E20-208200-J-G-KIT (200 Amp)
E20-208400-J-G-KIT (400 Amp)
E20-208800-J-G-KIT (800 Amp)
E20-2081600J-G-KIT (1600 Amp)
E20-2083200J-G-KIT (3200 Amp)
277/480V, 3 Phase, 4 Wire
480V, 3 Phase, 3 Wire

E20-480100-J-G-KIT (100 Amp)
E20-480200-J-G-KIT (200 Amp)
E20-480400-J-G-KIT (400 Amp)
E20-480800-J-G-KIT (800 Amp)
E20-4801600J-G-KIT (1600 Amp)
E20-4803200J-G-KIT (3200 Amp)
347/600V, 3 Phase

E20-600100-J-G-KIT (100 Amp)
E20-600200-J-G-KIT (200 Amp)
E20-600400-J-G-KIT (400 Amp)
E20-600800-J-G-KIT (800 Amp)
E20-6001600J-G-KIT (1600 Amp)
E20-6003200J-G-KIT (3200 Amp)
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