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Elster AMCO C700


C 700 Elster cold water meter bronze body with poly cover. The leading edge in accurate water measurement, longer meter life and reduced maintenance cost.

Elster AMCO Water’s C700 oscillating piston type water meters are the most advanced design positive displacement meters available. Boasting dependability and engineering excellence, the C700 line carries the industry’s longest and broadest product warranty, assuring your utility of unparalleled performance and the highest revenue.

The C700′s uniquely designed chambers, with dual-stage pistons, are custom engineered for performance exceeding applicable AWWA standards. Nylon materials are selected for strategically placed wear areas, providing long life and reduced noise.

Indicative of the product’s versatility, all direct read meters are easily converted with pulse generator, encoder or transmitting registers for remote, electronic or automatic meter reading compatibility. For easy and accurate visual reading, C700 meters incorporate a very large (3 1/2″) register with large color-coded odometer wheels. The register’s leak detector registers even the smallest flow due to the unique 1:1 ratio to the piston.

The complete family of top-performing C700 meters includes sizes 5/8″ to 2″ offered with a variety of material configurations and registers, and sizes 5/8″ to 1 1/2″ with main cases of waterworks or low-lead bronze.

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